What we do?
Our first gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry it was planted in 1999, in Hungary. Over the years, operating with code herbs, guided by specialist teachers and experienced growers, we expanded our plantation, currently with a capacity to produce at least 100,000 plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry with the possibility to upgrade at maximum 200,000 plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry / year . Out partners and customers are from Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, etc. - See more at: http://www.gojiberry.us
Authorized nurseries in organic conversion, experienced in the field since 1999, we produce gojiberry plants ,gojiberry,lycium barbarum,tea, gojiberry teas,goji fresh lef,gojiberry plant in pot. no pesticides and no preservatives. Our Gojiberry plants and our gojiberry teas are obtained by traditional methods, in a protected flora and fauna area, away from any source of pollution.